Month: February 2019

Barbara McClintock: Breaking “Illogical Barriers,” American (1902-1992)

Barbara McClintock once stated that she was “not a feminist” which would, in effect, disqualify her from being on this site. But because her life was completely determined by being a victim of a sexist culture, especially the subculture of a life dedicated to scientific pursuit, and she fought to hold her own and not let it stop her, not let it enslave her, not let it own her, she was, in effect, a feminist. If she lives like a feminist and fights like a feminist and sounds like a feminist then she probably is: A Feminist! She said...

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Unsheltered (Published in 2018) by Barbara Kingsolver

I’ll tread lightly discussing this recently published book since there are those who haven’t read it yet and they will certainly want to. I’ll do my best to avoid any kind of spoiler and focus instead on why I’m compelled to highlight this novel and add it to our Feminist Booklist. Kingsolver’s Unsheltered (2018), generally billed as a work of fiction, reveals in the Acknowledgments that it is in good part historical fiction. Would it have read differently if I had known up front that the setting and one of the characters, the one most intriguing to me, are...

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