Month: May 2019

Alice Catherine Evans: “I Went Beyond the Realms of Your Perceptions” (American 1881-1975)

“In the poverty of your imagination it is easier to believe that the printed word is gospel truth. I went beyond the realms of your perceptions”(Burns 56). In an infuriating assault on her work and discovery, Microbiologist Alice Catherine Evans was asked repeatedly to explain why, if her findings were true, hadn’t anyone else discovered them. What can we infer from this grossly unfair question? That someone else meant a man? Why hadn’t a man discovered it. If it was so obvious, a man would have surely already thought it, discovered it. Not a woman. A woman couldn’t think...

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Nasty Women Poets: An Unapologetic Anthology of Subversive Verse, Edited by Grace Bauer & Julie Kane. (Published in 2017)

While visiting my family in New Hampshire, I went to the local and still thriving bookstore in my hometown and found this book on the shelf. I was so excited to see it. I bought it immediately and it has not disappointed. What a delectable and varied assortment of  Nasty Women Poets speaking on all kinds of subjects freely and without censure or apology in this Nasty collection. They let Nasty rip. The poems are grouped into subjects: Sweet Inspiration: Nasty Women Poets on Foremothers & Role Models In this section I read a poem titled “Milk” by Carol...

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The Good Stuff: Update on Sandra Cisneros

The thing about nasty women, those out there doggedly working to make this world a fairer place for women, and ultimately everyone, they don’t stop. They keep pushing forward, one way or another, constantly serving up the good stuff. According to a short piece in this month’s issue of American Libraries, Sandra Cisneros is no exception to this phenomenon. Well into her sixties, she has just about every burner cooking up something savory. An Oral-history Project: One creation in the works is an oral-history project, where Sandra is recording the stories and experiences of those defined as undocumented, giving them...

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Know Your Power: A Message to America’s Daughters, by Nancy Pelosi, Italian American (First published in 2008)

It’s a good time to talk about Nancy Pelosi as she knows her power as Madame Speaker once again. It’s a good time to remind people of this book, Know Your Power: A Message to America’s Daughters by Nancy Pelosi. Here she tells her story of ascending to that position and shares the tools she has learned to be an effective leader, the skills she has gleaned from being in a position that requires effective negotiation and thinking “outside the beltway,” and offers the catchphrases that helped her along the way: “Organize, don’t agonize,” “Be Ready,” and “Know Your...

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