Month: July 2019

Trotula of Salerno: Alleviating the Suffering of Women, Italian (11th Century) by Theresa C. Dintino

Because there are many women who have numerous diverse illnesses—some of them almost fatal—and because they are also ashamed to reveal and tell their distress to any man… to assist women, I intend to write of how to help their secret maladies so that one woman may aid another in her illness and not divulge her secrets. ~Trotula of Salerno, 11th century Italy. Trotula was one of the most famous physicians of her time. Her work was devoted to alleviating the suffering of women. Trotula taught at the school of Salerno, a famous university of the time, and first...

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Simin Daneshvar: I Dream of a Universal Reconciliation (Iranian 1921-2012)

“When I am shivering from the cold, and darkness envelops me due to the scarcity of fuel and electricity brought on by Iraqi bombings of our towns and main centers of energy, I start dreaming about the future. I dream of a universal reconciliation. I dream that all nations have become one state. I dream that all money, wasted armaments, propaganda, hot and cold wars, is spent for the welfare of humanity. I dream that all the minds from all over the world have been drawn together, led by retired professors in both science and humanities, who can still...

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Zora Neale Hurston: The Real Deal, American (1891-1960) by Maria Dintino

Learning that Zora Neale Hurston died in a county home alone and broke made me sad and angry. Yet, after reading Alice Walker’s article In Search of Zora Neale Hurston that appeared in Ms magazine in 1975, I let those feelings go. Zora left no room in her life for pity and “was not a teary sort herself,” Walker explains. Zora was a force and through her writing, we get that. When I moved to St. Augustine, Florida, I noticed a historical marker in front of a house indicating Zora lived there for a while. Reading the biography, Wrapped...

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