Month: August 2019

May Alcott Nieriker: Littlest Woman, Biggest Ambition, American (1840-1879)

The youngest sister of Little Women author Louisa May Alcott, May Alcott Nieriker was a successful artist in her own right. Yet, while her accomplishments were many,  her unflappable relationship with her sister Louisa made it all possible. I am currently home in New Hampshire preparing to celebrate my daughter’s wedding and will soon be surrounded by my three sisters, without whom I would not be the woman I am today. Here’s to sisterhood of all sorts, where unwavering love and support make all things possible. If you didn’t get to read this post when it appeared in April,...

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Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown  (published in 2017)

“Emergence is the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions.” ~Nick Obolensky adrienne maree brown is a powerhouse leader with a new battle cry. Let’s follow her. Let’s allow ourselves to follow organic patterns that are emerging rather than a tired old script that was written by those who are not living in these times, who do not share our values, who did not understand how life works and thrives, who saw nature as enemy and something to be conquered and tamed. We now know it is better to understand ourselves as...

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Rupi Kaur: how dare she? (1992 Canadian)

Who does that? Who posts pictures of a woman having her period, a menstruating woman bleeding all over the place? Who dared allow the curse out of the darkness, out of our bedrooms and bathrooms, onto Instagram and Tumblr and then Facebook for all to see and censor, celebrate and revile? Rupi Kaur, that’s who. 2015 was donned the year of the period for several reasons, including Kaur’s posting of her visual rhetoric project created for a course she was taking as an undergraduate at Waterloo University. The assignment required students to challenge a societal norm. Kaur chose menstruation...

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The Legacy of Luna by Julia Butterfly Hill (Published in 2000)

Many of us know the story of the brave, two year tree-sit carried out by Julia Butterfly Hill from 1997-1999 which saved the life of an old growth redwood named Luna and brought much attention to the issue of clear cutting of old growth forests and the repercussions of the loss of the ancient trees. Some of us do not.  This book is worth the read for everyone. “Tree-sitting is a last resort. When you see someone in a tree trying to protect it, you know that every level of our society has failed. The consumers have failed, the...

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