Month: November 2019

Adrienne Rich, Emily Dickinson and the Loaded Gun of Poetry

In her poetry and prose, Adrienne Rich (1929-2012) writes about important, forgotten and misrepresented women. She re-tells their stories, rescues and “un-erases” them. “’Erasure’ refers to the practice of collective indifference that renders certain people and groups invisible…how inconvenient people are dismissed, their history, pain and achievements blotted out.” ~Parul Sehgal If oppressors have hands that hold erasers, resisters must acquire magic un-erasers to restore and recover data that has been systematically removed. Rich’s hands are large and with them she un-erases much, clearing the frosted windows obscuring so many women’s biographies, opening and revealing vast patches in the masked truth...

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Frances Wright: “Beyond the Pale of Respectability”(Scottish-American 1795-1892)

Frances Wright was one of the earliest feminist speakers to travel around the United States, speaking on behalf of the rights of women between 1828-1829. She was radical for her time and her voice rings true today. She was anti-slavery, pro-labor unions and pro-free public education as well. She was vilified by the public and according to Miriam Schneir in her book, Feminism: The Essential Historical Writings, to be called a “Fanny Wrightist” was to “be placed beyond the pale of respectability”(18). I guess that means she was pretty #Nasty.   She was born in Scotland and grew up...

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