Author: Karin Peschau

Marguerite de Navarre de Angoulême: A Marvelous Contempt for all the Vanities of this World, French, (1492-1549)

Marguerite de Navarre was born in Angoulême on 11 April 1492, the eldest child of  Louise of Savoy and Charles, Count of Angoulême, who was a descendent of Charles V. He was the eventual successor to the French crown, as imposed by masculine primogeniture law, in case Charles VIII and his heir, Louis, Duke of Orleans, would not produce a son. Marguerite’s father died when she was only four years old, but nevertheless, she received an excellent education. She also studied Latin. Today, she is considered one of the most important women of modern times. She was two years...

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Esclarmonde of Foix the Great: Pope of the Heretics, French (1151– 1215) Original painting and text by Karin Peschau

Countess Zebella Trencavel of Carcassone and her husband Roger Bernard, the count of Foix, gave their daughter an Occitan name, “Light of the world.” In a period when women were often despised, and treated as mere possession, Esclarmonde was a shining light, both for the enlightenment of human beings and for the condition of women – the issue she was most deeply involved with. At her parents’ court in Foix, the esoteric and romantic culture of troubadour love was lived and practiced. Esclarmonde married the Lord of L’Isle Jourdain, with whom she had six children. When, in 1200 AD, she...

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Sojourner Truth: A Wandering Orator, American (c. 1797-1883) Original painting and text by Karin Peschau

Her face speaks to us about the chains of slavery, about the iron chains of the slaves in America, about the invisible chains, but still heart-breaking unjustness and cruelty of our modern, globalized civilization: an enormous part of the world’s population, women, men and children, is working itself to death in order to make an easy and comfortable life possible for the other part. The pain in this woman’s face is our pain as well. Sojourner Truth was born into slavery as Isabella (Belle) about 1797. Her mother, known as “Mau-Mau Bett” had 11 children with James Baumfree. Sojourner Truth...

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