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Margaret Fuller’s Manifesto, 1845, American (1810-1850)by Maria Dintino

Never heard of Margaret Fuller? You’re not alone. In 1855, five years after her untimely death, famed English novelist George Eliot noted in The Leader that Margaret’s book Woman in the Nineteenth Century had been “unduly thrust into the background.” The first work of American feminism should not have been thrust into the background and it’s beyond time to bring the work and its writer back to light. Sarah Margaret Fuller was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1810. Her father Timothy Fuller, disappointed his first child was a girl, decided to educate her as a boy. Despite knowing she would not be allowed entry into...

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Adrienne Rich: A Voice that Echoes in My Body, American (1929-2012) by Theresa C. Dintino

Of all the lines written in the English language, the ones that have inspired, moved and meant the most to me are the ones penned by Adrienne Rich. My worn and tattered copy of The Dream of a Common Language, read, loved and turned to so many times, continues to be my favorite book to take off the shelf and revisit. Occasionally, when I remember (or hear as a whisper in my ear) one of the lines from a poem printed in it, my body fills with excitement and deep memory or what could be described as a feeling...

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Simone de Beauvoir Wrote the Story of My Life, French (1908-1986) By Michelle Barthel Kratts

My awakening occurred the week of my birthday in 1984. I had just turned thirteen. Thirteen is a magical year for girls of many cultures. It is the year we “come of age.” There are rituals and ceremonies marking the “rite of passage.” Generations back, it is possible that some of our grandmothers may have even been married at this same tender age. For me, during the week of my thirteenth birthday, everything changed after I stepped into a little book shop on Queen Street in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada—when I discovered the works of Simone de Beauvoir. Simone de...

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