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Maxine Hong Kingston: A Great American Writer, Chinese American (b.1940)

I learned to make my mind large, as the universe is large, so that there is room for paradoxes (WW 29) Though we could easily be misled to think the only Woman Warrior in Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Woman Warrior is the character of Fa Mu Lan, the fabled woman who trained as a warrior, dressed as a man and triumphed in battle to save her family and village, all the women in the book are warriors in their own way. Kingston shares the story of her aunt, left behind by her husband in China, who was raped and...

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Sofie Scholl: “Wake up! Resist! Sabotage!” German (1921-1943)

“Isn’t it mysterious—and frightening, too, when one doesn’t know the reason—that everything should be so beautiful in spite of the terrible things that are happening? My sheer delight in all things beautiful has been invaded by a great unknown, an inkling of the creator whom his creatures glorify with their beauty—That’s why man alone can be ugly, because he has the free will to disassociate himself from this song of praise” (HWR 276). Sofie Scholl in a letter 1942 Her bust now stands in Valhalla, the hall of Great Germans, one of the very few women selected for this...

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Sandra Cisneros: Bridging Borders, Mexican-American (1954). By Maria Dintino

A house on Mango Street. Sounds exotic, doesn’t it? Turns out the house and street are not so exotic, but the story’s poetic form and intimated possibilities are. I begin with The House on Mango Street because you’ve probably read it, or at least heard of it. It’s an enduringly popular coming-of-age book, written by Sandra Cisneros and published in 1984. This story of Esperanza, a chain of vignettes, a lengthy poem that sings a familiar song, tells a universal, timeless story. This seemingly simple, but sophisticated little book captivates those from middle school to college. Innocence challenged in...

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