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A Spirit Still At Work: Update on Margaret Fuller

It’s a salve. A salve for the burn I feel each time someone says they’ve never heard of Margaret Fuller (1810-1850). It’s feels good to focus on this active community center while work continues to raise awareness of this woman who, according to Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton in their book, History of Woman Suffrage, is said to have, “possessed more influence on the thought of American women than any woman previous to her time.” Since 1902, the Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House has been operating at 71 Cherry Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the house that was her childhood...

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Nasty Women Poets: An Unapologetic Anthology of Subversive Verse, Edited by Grace Bauer & Julie Kane. (Published in 2017)

While visiting my family in New Hampshire, I went to the local and still thriving bookstore in my hometown and found this book on the shelf. I was so excited to see it. I bought it immediately and it has not disappointed. What a delectable and varied assortment of  Nasty Women Poets speaking on all kinds of subjects freely and without censure or apology in this Nasty collection. They let Nasty rip. The poems are grouped into subjects: Sweet Inspiration: Nasty Women Poets on Foremothers & Role Models In this section I read a poem titled “Milk” by Carol...

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The Good Stuff: Update on Sandra Cisneros

The thing about nasty women, those out there doggedly working to make this world a fairer place for women, and ultimately everyone, they don’t stop. They keep pushing forward, one way or another, constantly serving up the good stuff. According to a short piece in this month’s issue of American Libraries, Sandra Cisneros is no exception to this phenomenon. Well into her sixties, she has just about every burner cooking up something savory. An Oral-history Project: One creation in the works is an oral-history project, where Sandra is recording the stories and experiences of those defined as undocumented, giving them...

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Maxine Hong Kingston: A Great American Writer, Chinese American (b.1940)

I learned to make my mind large, as the universe is large, so that there is room for paradoxes (WW 29) Though we could easily be misled to think the only Woman Warrior in Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Woman Warrior is the character of Fa Mu Lan, the fabled woman who trained as a warrior, dressed as a man and triumphed in battle to save her family and village, all the women in the book are warriors in their own way. Kingston shares the story of her aunt, left behind by her husband in China, who was raped and...

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Sofie Scholl: “Wake up! Resist! Sabotage!” German (1921-1943)

“Isn’t it mysterious—and frightening, too, when one doesn’t know the reason—that everything should be so beautiful in spite of the terrible things that are happening? My sheer delight in all things beautiful has been invaded by a great unknown, an inkling of the creator whom his creatures glorify with their beauty—That’s why man alone can be ugly, because he has the free will to disassociate himself from this song of praise” (HWR 276). Sofie Scholl in a letter 1942 Her bust now stands in Valhalla, the hall of Great Germans, one of the very few women selected for this...

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