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A Spirit Still At Work: Update on Margaret Fuller

It’s a salve. A salve for the burn I feel each time someone says they’ve never heard of Margaret Fuller (1810-1850). It’s feels good to focus on this active community center while work continues to raise awareness of this woman who, according to Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton in their book, History of Woman Suffrage, is said to have, “possessed more influence on the thought of American women than any woman previous to her time.” Since 1902, the Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House has been operating at 71 Cherry Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the house that was her childhood...

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The Good Stuff: Update on Sandra Cisneros

The thing about nasty women, those out there doggedly working to make this world a fairer place for women, and ultimately everyone, they don’t stop. They keep pushing forward, one way or another, constantly serving up the good stuff. According to a short piece in this month’s issue of American Libraries, Sandra Cisneros is no exception to this phenomenon. Well into her sixties, she has just about every burner cooking up something savory. An Oral-history Project: One creation in the works is an oral-history project, where Sandra is recording the stories and experiences of those defined as undocumented, giving them...

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The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler (First published in N.Y. 1987)

If we want to change the world, it is helpful to find out how it was changed in the first place. In other words, what happened to get us to the place we find ourselves now? Was it always like this? No. It was not. Reading The Chalice and the Blade helps you understand how it once was and how the change happened.  Riane Eisler’s main exploration in this book is the difference between partnership societies and dominator societies. Long ago, and not so long ago for many indigenous peoples, humans lived in partnership societies (chalice). Partnership societies are ones in which “social relations...

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Barbara G. Walker and The Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets (First published in N.Y. 1983)

This is such a fun book to own. Anything, most anything, especially concerning myths and secrets, that you want the feminist perspective on, you can look up in this book. And if it’s not in this book you will wish it so! It’s more than just the feminist perspective. It’s chock full of extraordinary information. The Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets is a must have resource. Entries are cross-referenced, leading you from one to another to find out more and more and more. You can really fall into a rabbit hole of learning, exploring and giggling in this...

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