We welcome and encourage contributions to this project and website. If you have been inspired by a nasty woman from Literature, Art, STEM or Activism that you would like to write about as a contribution to this project, let us know through the form on the contact page. Below are the writer’s guidelines for Nasty Women Writers.


  1. You must be a feminist. A feminist is a person of any gender who believes in and speaks out for equality and equity for all. A feminist also focuses their activism on what are commonly called women’s issues, including women’s health, equal pay and representation, and the global epidemic of violence against women.
  2. Any gender may write for Nasty Women Writers but the site focuses on and features the work of people who identify as female.
  3. The mission of Nasty Women Writers is to promote the voices of women or people who identify as female as we believe those voices have been silenced through time and still encounter barriers. We acknowledge the intersectional realities of the identity of being female and seek to actively include all. We also acknowledge that other gender identities are marginalized, including nonbinary, intersex, and trans. If you feel strongly that you want a person of one of these genders represented on this site, reach out to us. We will review your piece with the same criteria we do other submissions.
  4. Please research to make sure that the nasty woman writer/artist/scientist/activist you write about is a feminist, and not racist, antisemitic, homo or transphobic. If certain behaviors they engaged in are deemed inappropriate today but were normalized in the time the person lived, we request that you allow for transparency and address that.
  5. We welcome pieces about nasty women from Herstory as well as contemporary nasty women.
  6. We are looking for original content, written in your own words, supported and enhanced with quotations. Please document all sources used, both in-text, as well as in a Works Cited at the end of the piece. You can use AI for research but be responsible and fact check and, please, no pieces written by ChatGPT.
  7. Your piece will be reviewed by our editorial board to make sure it is the right fit for the Nasty Women Writers project.
  8. word length: 1500-3000 words which is roughly 3-6 pages single spaced.

Thank you for your interest.