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Welcome, Controversy. We’ve been expecting you.

We’ve been waiting months for the delayed unveiling of Maggi Hambling’s sculpture honoring Mary Wollstonecraft, “foremother of feminism.” Here’s our post about this sculpture from February 2020, Visibility Matters: A Statue for Mary Wollstonecraft, and one about Mary Wollstonecraft posted earlier, Mary Wollstonecraft: A Wild Wish. This sculpture was finally unveiled in London on November 10, 2020, and, as anticipated, ignited fiery debate. Bee Rowlatt, chair of Mary on the Green, an organization involved in fundraising for over a decade, had this to say following the 2018 selection of Hambling’s work: “This mould-breaking work of art will provoke debate,...

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Visibility Matters: A Statue for Mary Wollstonecraft

The VERY-soon-to-be-erected sculpture honoring Mary Wollstonecraft is highly captivating and holds an abundance of significance. This statue is significant because it honors the woman often referred to as the “foremother of feminism.” It’s significant in that it adds one more statue of a woman in a city, London, where “over 90% of the statues commemorate men”(Crockett). It’s significant that the artist Maggi Hambling is a trailblazer herself, a woman some call a “modern legend”(Slawson). Hambling explains that this sculpture, unlike the typical bronze male ones, “is designed to encourage a visual conversation with the obstacles Wollstonecraft overcame, the ideals...

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