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Ich bin Ich (I am Me) Paula Modersohn-Becker: The Self-Portraits

“I am Me, and hope to become this more and more.” Paula Modersohn-Becker(1876-1907) to Rainer Maria Rilke 1906 I was lucky to be in Bremen, Germany yet again in November of 2019 just in time to see the newest exhibit of Paula Modersohn-Becker’s Self-Portraits at the museum dedicated to her there in the Museen Böttcherstrasse. Read the original NWW piece on Modersohn-Becker, Women and Ambition, and the follow up, Degenerate Art. What a fortuitous opportunity it was to be there while this exhibit was showing. So many paintings I had never seen, in a book or in a museum, were...

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Adrienne Rich: A Voice that Echoes in My Body, American (1929-2012) by Theresa C. Dintino

Of all the lines written in the English language, the ones that have inspired, moved and meant the most to me are the ones penned by Adrienne Rich. My worn and tattered copy of The Dream of a Common Language, read, loved and turned to so many times, continues to be my favorite book to take off the shelf and revisit. Occasionally, when I remember (or hear as a whisper in my ear) one of the lines from a poem printed in it, my body fills with excitement and deep memory or what could be described as a feeling...

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