The thing about nasty women, those out there doggedly working to make this world a fairer place for women, and ultimately everyone, they don’t stop. They keep pushing forward, one way or another, constantly serving up the good stuff.

According to a short piece in this month’s issue of American Libraries, Sandra Cisneros is no exception to this phenomenon. Well into her sixties, she has just about every burner cooking up something savory.

An Oral-history Project: One creation in the works is an oral-history project, where Sandra is recording the stories and experiences of those defined as undocumented, giving them voice and this raw material pulsates with potential.

An Opera: Another is the making of Sandra’s best known novel, The House on Mango Street, into an opera. This is an endeavor, although not originally her idea, Sandra is intimately involved in. I can only imagine the beauty and power of such a production and eagerly await its release!

There is more, always more. Sandra Cisneros is connected, vital and shows no signs of slowing down. For this, and for all our nasty women, we are grateful.

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