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Julia Alvarez, Minerva Mirabel and the Embeddedness of Women’s Stories and Identities

My sister, Maria and I began #NastyWomenWriters to amplify the voices of #nastywomen from the past and present who had or were being erased, disappeared or ignored. We wanted to educate #nastywomen about other #nastywomen to draw inspiration from them and realize they were not alone, to understand that feminism has been around for a very long time, that women of all races, classes and religions have been speaking up, fighting to be heard and breaking glass ceilings through all of his-story. Because women’s stories are often erased, forgotten or ignored, we can believe we are the first to...

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Sonia Sotomayor: A Leader for our Time (American b.1954)

Sonia Sotomayor is a hard-working woman. Her autobiography, My Beloved World, recounts her story of growing up in the South Bronx, achieving in school, getting into Princeton, then Yale Law School, being hired as a prosecutor by the DA’s office of the County of New York and then onto a private law firm before being appointed a federal judge, then an appellate judge and then achieving the highest honor of becoming a Supreme Court Justice in 2009. Sotomayor’s display of intense focus and dedication to justice is almost exhausting to read. She meets every new encounter with appropriate trepidation...

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The Good Stuff: Update on Sandra Cisneros

The thing about nasty women, those out there doggedly working to make this world a fairer place for women, and ultimately everyone, they don’t stop. They keep pushing forward, one way or another, constantly serving up the good stuff. According to a short piece in this month’s issue of American Libraries, Sandra Cisneros is no exception to this phenomenon. Well into her sixties, she has just about every burner cooking up something savory. An Oral-history Project: One creation in the works is an oral-history project, where Sandra is recording the stories and experiences of those defined as undocumented, giving them...

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Sandra Cisneros: Bridging Borders, Mexican-American (1954). By Maria Dintino

A house on Mango Street. Sounds exotic, doesn’t it? Turns out the house and street are not so exotic, but the story’s poetic form and intimated possibilities are. I begin with The House on Mango Street because you’ve probably read it, or at least heard of it. It’s an enduringly popular coming-of-age book, written by Sandra Cisneros and published in 1984. This story of Esperanza, a chain of vignettes, a lengthy poem that sings a familiar song, tells a universal, timeless story. This seemingly simple, but sophisticated little book captivates those from middle school to college. Innocence challenged in...

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